Why is it good to develop on Android?

develop on Android

Android developer

With the latest advancements in technology, there are several options when it comes to platforms for development such as Windows, Android, Blackberry and iOS. However, the number one choice is often Android. Let’s take a quick look to see why companies seek out the services of an Android developer.

Highly portable

Android apps are known to be highly portable as they are developed on Java, Kotlin programming and C++. This makes it easy to be ported to other platforms such as Ubuntu, Symbian, Chrome OS or Blackberry. An Android developer uses Firebase, Android Jetpack and Android SDK kit along with other development tools.


Since the SDK kit is free for developers, this platform offers a low barrier for development entry. Normally, the main expenses for any app development relate to development, testing of the app and deployment of the app. While there is a registration fee to distribute the app, using Android brings down the overall cost, thus making it a good option especially for newer brands.

Exciting designs

An Android developer can make use of several visualization tools whether development is happening for web or mobile. XML files can be written with instructions for drawing which makes it possible for the app to display correctly on various screens supported by Android devices. It also comes with icon sets thus you won’t have to secure other services to avail of its benefits.

Instant Apps 

Android gives users the unique option of exploring the functionality of the application prior to even downloading it. Normally, users will have to either download the app or read endless reviews to get an idea of how it works. With Android, the user can simply access its features and then decide whether it’s worthy of a purchase. 

Heightened security

Today, more and more users are concerned about the security of personal information that is contained on mobile devices. With an increasing amount of misuse and leakage, it is important that platforms offer the latest features in order to safeguard private details from hackers and system errors. Google works around the clock to ensure state-of-the-art security features are included in the platform. 

Remote access

Android development has the unique advantage of remote work which means that users are not limited to a specific location. If you have employees who are posted onsite or at different campuses, then they can all enjoy the same benefits and features of the application as those in office. Further, since employees can work during travel, this saves a lot of time in the long run.

More customers

Android developers enjoy a significantly big pool of customers as they can be run on a large number of devices. Therefore, you can expect more downloads as it will be accessible by more people in the market.

Other benefits could include the speed of publishing Android apps to Google Play, the creation of an intuitive user interface, more space to experiment and the sheer range of devices that it supports.

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