What Is Virtual Home Staging And How Can It Help You In The Sale Of Your Property?


Finding a buyer for our house or property often becomes an almost impossible task. 

In this process to try to sell or rent our apartment it is necessary to pay attention to every detail and take advantage of all the opportunities that the market offers us. 

A new technique called virtual home staging or “virtual staging” can help you in the task of selling or renting your property. 

In today’s article, we are going to tell you all the details about this new 2.0 real estate marketing system and how you can take advantage of this opportunity to put your property up for sale or rent. Below, we give you all the details:

What Is Virtual Home Staging?

The home virtual staging is an English term that means staging a house. It is a technique that emerged in the USA in the 70s and was transferred to Europe (Great Britain) two decades later. 

From that moment on, it expanded to other European countries with the aim of improving real estate sales.

This real estate technique consists of giving a house a facelift, although in this case it goes a bit further and with this system it is done virtually. 

The idea is to reconvert a property by making a small investment and few reforms, in this way, personalization and differentiation from other floors is achieved, which increases the possibility of selling or renting it.

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Generally, virtual home staging is carried out on empty properties to furnish them virtually. 

Thanks to the use of new technologies and the internet, a greater impact is achieved and a flat can be sold more easily. 

It is a technique that adds value to your apartment and that some agencies such as Renovalia offer their clients when contracting with them the sale of the property.

Advantages Of Using  Virtual Home Staging

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of selling a house, this is totally true, as many buyers take advantage of the opportunities offered by the 2.0 real estate market and buy and sell digitally.

Keep in mind that today we buy from the comfort of our home. The same thing happens with the apartments, and it is that seeing photographs of a flat and visiting it (even if it is virtually) saves time and money, as well as helping with decision-making.

The good points of this technique make it worth investigating how it works.

  • The economic return that we obtain from the virtual recreation of our house compensates for any effort and investment, thinking that digitizing the home with a virtual program is not something that everyone does, much less most agencies. 

However, its benefits are enormous since although it is not a cheap service (a program can be worth around 3,000 euros and the companies dedicated to it charge at least 300 euros) it is worth investing or hiring an agency that offers this service.

  • Saving time and money. Having a flat for sale on the internet makes it possible for any visitor to see it at any time and from anywhere. 

This is an advantage for the owner and the future buyer since it saves on visits and consultations. Everything is on the web!

  • Customize our apartment and increase its value. Think that an empty piece of furniture can lose value and attractiveness due to the lack of furniture. 

Not having all the furniture is a disadvantage that in this case has a solution. 

By furnishing our flat in a “virtual” way we are able to take advantage of the space, gain in image and take advantage of the full potential of digital technology to put the flat to our liking. In short, we improve the purchasing possibilities.

  • We win in visits and visibility. The digital platforms and websites that sell the most flats are those that offer real estate for sale with all kinds of details of the flat (photography, condition of the flat and information of all kinds).

And is that giving the visitor the possibility of seeing a flat generates confidence and greater visibility of the property.

  • Safe and fast means of sale. Completing the entire virtual home staging process only takes a couple of days, in case we decide to put ourselves in the hands of a real estate agency to do the whole process, it should be done in less than a week.
  • Differentiation from other properties. Think that this type of virtual recreation is like visiting a flat in 3D, the only thing that we can define all the characteristics from the color of the walls, furniture, state of the rooms, etc. 
  • Another advantage is that the floors that are under construction or off-plan can be designed in a personalized way before finishing, which gives a lot of play to the future buyer to see the home as a recreation. 

Think about what happened recently with Atl├ętico de Madrid’s stadium, the Wanda Metropolitano, where the members were able to see it in 3D before being able to renew and choose their seats. 

The same thing happens with buyers, they can see the floor before deciding whether they want to buy or not.

Real Estate Market 2.0 And Real Estate Agencies

In past articles, we commented on the benefits of hiring a real estate agency,  and despite the reluctance of some people, the truth is that it offers a series of guarantees such as exclusivity, speed, saving time and money. 

As if that were not enough, knowledge of the market and access to the latest 2.0 marketing techniques (home staging is a clear example) is a way that some agencies use to increase their sales and improve their financial results.

The advantage of an agency is that they know the real estate market well and have professionals who are able to take advantage of the exposure of your apartment and put it up for sale at the best possible time. 

They are also in charge of tracking properties and sellers on the internet and at street level every day to better understand the market. In addition, their advertising and sales strategies improve your sales possibilities.

As if that were not enough, the agencies take full advantage of the 2.0 market and have a presence in the best-known digital sales platforms to put our apartment up for sale. 

In this way, agencies make sure that their clients’ flats are present everywhere, making it easy to sell or rent them.

Think that the experts say that an empty home takes up to two times longer to sell, therefore, it is important to opt for this system if we want to offer the best product on the market. 

And is that making our apartment beautiful (even digitally) gives us the opportunity to make a good impression and increase the chances of selling our home. 

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