Tips To Plan A Frugal Wedding Without Missing Out On The Fun

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The Big Fat Indian Weddings are unmatched for their grandeur, luxury, and glamour. Some of the Indian weddings are so grand that it feels like it is the wastage and vulgar display of money. If you think the same way and want your wedding to be on the simpler side, without the compromisation of the fun it brings along, then you’re at the right place.

If a wedding is not properly planned, then the budget can get out of bounds really fast. So, here we have tried to include everything that might help you save some money on your wedding.

Set A Theme

The first thing that I would like to suggest to you is to decide on the theme that you think will look great and is according to yours and your partner’s personal choice. Setting a theme will really streamline the planning process as you’ll have a much better idea of what you want. Setting a theme will limit the options but will also help you to save some time and money as you’ll have a much more defined scope to search for the things that you can incorporate.


DIY Decor

This is the trick that is used by the wedding planners in Pune to adjust everything in the client’s budget. In Indian weddings, almost 20% of the total budget is taken up by just the decoration of the venue. Saving on this expense will be lifesaving, and significantly bring down the overall budget. So, just grab your girls and tell them to get on making some DIY Origamis that could be a great option to actually decorate the venue. If you’re short on time then what you can actually do is to include the reusable decor in all your wedding ceremonies and can ask the decorator to replace glass centerpieces with the plastic ones.


Minimize The Menu

Okay, so Indian weddings are famous for the food that is served at the wedding, and saving on the menu will seem to be impossible. The only trick here is to be practical and only include those dishes that’ll be liked by all. It’ll be hard to drop down the idea of that fast food corner that you wanted to set up for all the kids at the wedding. But when you’re thinking of minimizing the budget, it is important to think rationally.


Choose Your Wedding Stationery Wisely

There are many things that you must consider while buying stationery for your wedding. You must remember that what’s on the outside is of much greater importance. So when deciding on an invitation, you can consider an expensive main card but can save on the insert cards. Stationery printing can be costly so you can grab your girlfriends and can DIY wedding invitation wording on the cards and other stationeries. These customized cards will surely be appreciated by your guests.


Go Green

Going green will be a great option for your wedding. You can actually replace the wedding invitations with an E-Invite. Another thing that can greatly help in reducing the carbon footprint of your wedding is to choose a venue at a central location to the guests. It’ll help them reach the venue easily while also saving on the fumes from their transports.


These are the ideas that we think will really help you keep all the wedding expenses in check and will significantly bring down the budget of the wedding.

So, now that you’re ready with some of the best tricks up your sleeve, then it is a good time to get started and plan a wedding that is a lot of fun without burning a hole in your pocket.

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