Tips to maintain your washing dryer

washing dryer

The first thing which pops in our heads, while thinking of clean and soft clothes, is the washing machine. Well, the washing machine is made up of two different but important parts, washer, and dryer. While the washer is the main part of cleaning clothes, the dryer is what makes your clothes wearable and strain-free. 

That’s why maintaining and cleaning of the dryer are as important as of the washer. More importantly, dryer requires more cautiousness than washer because it’s a fire hazard. The reason for a dryer meeting with a fire hazard is because it deals with heat and clothes could catch fire. So, constant cleaning and maintenance are required for dryers we use.

Thus, here are some tips on how to clean and maintain a dryer: 

  • Check wires and switches periodically: While most of the dryers have strong wiring in and out but still you need to check wires and switches at least once a month for any possible breach. Because it could not only cause a short circuit but you can also get an electric shock. Moreover, a small breach in wire or switch can cause the heat panel inside the dryer to excessive heating and catching fire. If you find any melted wires or switches inside your dryer panel, you should not try to fix it by yourself and seek dryer repair service in your area.
  • Dryer requires regular cleaning: Dryers can cause fire pretty easily. Heat panels inside dryers can cause the fire to anything which falls near them. Lint catching fire is a pretty common issue that happens when not cleaned and removed. Lint, which is extremely vulnerable to heat, needs to be removed before it burns up your clothes and dryer. Dryers have several compartments that require cleaning at specific time periods.
  • Lint sheet: Lint sheet is where most of the lint sets, these are made to prevent lint from entering heat panels. This lint is just like a cotton bud and can catch fire easily even from some centimeters away. That is why these lint sheets need to be cleaned every time before we use the dryer again. You should also vacuum the long sheet compartment once a month. Because lint formed inside the drum would eventually burn other clothes if caught fire. 
  • Discharge hose: While the discharge hose is meant to discharge any water inside the dryer drum, it also needs to be cleaned and checked periodically. You can also find lint buds blocking your discharge hose which would slow down the drying process, which could lead to higher electricity bills and sometimes, your old dryer to break down. It’s better to clean the discharge hose at least once a month. Shake it up and then clean it with a brush. 
  • Back panel of Dryer: After cleaning the discharge hose, another compartment which demands cleaning is the back panel of your dryer. Get a screwdriver and open the sheet from the back panel. You will find a lot of lint inside here as well. If you are unable to clean this lint with your hand or brush, then you should probably use a vacuum cleaner to clean this mess. Because every appliance requires a cleaning to keep working without breaking down. After cleaning, also check out if every wire and component is in its place. After cleaning the compartment, close it with the back sheet and tighten the screws. This area needs to be cleaned every three months.
  • Check which clothes you should put in: This is the most important tip for the maintenance of the dryer. Before stuffing the drum with every single wet cloth, you should check the stickers of clothes, and also have a look at the dryer manual to decide which clothes should not be inside there. Because every type of cloth could not be dried in the dryer. It’s better to spend five minutes on manual instead of dollars on dryer repair and getting clothes torn. 
  • Check the dryer settings and heating occasionally: While dryers use sensors to minimize the risk of overheating, sometimes they can also fail because of mould formed on the walls of drums. To prevent mould from forming, do not keep clothes for a long time in your dryer. Do not change the heat setting too often. Control panel malfunctioning can cause the dryer to overheat or not heating at all. If you face any of these two, call a dryer repair service. 

Bottom Line:

So these are few but most important tips to keep your dryer in good health, and also keeping your clothes dried and better. Following these simple tips would eventually add to your dryer’s life and save you some money. Apart from all these tips, any technical issues with your dryer require a professional to diagnose, so do not try to handle it yourself.

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