Tips to Extend Your Oven’s Lifespan


None of the household appliances are built to last forever, especially our kitchen appliances, as they are put to test day in and day out. They are indeed used a lot more often than we wish them to be. It is thus important to maintain them and service them appropriately without ignoring their usage so as to expand their life span. This will help in saving the money in the long run and also ensures that the appliance keeps functioning at its best for a longer time. 

Ovens are an important part of one’s kitchen, though they don’t come to use every day, they are used pretty often and while cooking special lunch for the family. They are prone for repairs and damage and one has to take the repair vs replacement option wisely at that point of time. If repairing is the solution, then it has to be done with the help of an expert appliance repair agent. Replacing an oven is a daunting task and can burn a hole in one’s pocket as well. Thus it is important to maintain the oven in good health so as to expand its life span. Some of the expert tips to extend the lifespan of the oven are as follows,

Tips that help to improve the health and the lifespan of the oven:

  • Keep the oven clean at all times:

It is important to keep the oven clean to elongate its lifespan. When it comes to oven cleaning, it is important to clean inside of the oven often and not to allow the food debris to stick around the corners of the burners and the oven. While cleaning, it is important not to spray the cleaning fluid directly on the control panels as it could result in short circuit, but instead apply the cleaning solution in small quantities on the rag to clean the surface. 

  • Avoid foiling the oven:

A number of experts’ state that users should refrain from using the self-cleaning feature of the oven if all it comes with one. Also, it is not a good idea to use Aluminium foil under the baking element so as to elongate the life of the oven.

  • Follow a proper method of cleaning the oven:

The users have to follow and maintain a proper cleaning protocol, they have to clean the drip pans or replace them when they start looking ding. For those with an electric oven, they should leave the idea of wrapping the drip pans in the foil. The foil serves as a source of short circuiting in the heating element. Users have to check the seals of the doors for maintaining the heat inside the oven. It is also a good idea to keep the surge protector plugged in at all times, as power surges occur at unexpected times. 

  • Keep a check on the temperature gauge of the oven:

This is perhaps one of the best ways to check the performance of the oven and to keep its performance at its best. The user has to be vigilant of the temperature gauge of the oven at all times. If the oven is not cooking even the basic dishes such as a plain cake properly, then it means there is a problem with the temperature gauge and the oven has to be inspected and serviced.

  • Service the oven often:

The user will know that the oven will always perform at its best only if it is serviced and maintained periodically. Servicing the appliance frequently helps in regulating its temperature controls, helps in checking the seals of the oven and also helps us to check frequently of its trims have been corroded. These may be small faults but have the potential to affect the working of the oven considerably and quick service can help fix all these problems.

  • Use appropriate and only prescribed cleaning products:

A number of over the counter cleaning products seems to possess a corrosive chemical, namely the caustic soda. These elements can damage both the aesthetics and the functionality of the oven. Therefore, it is important to invest in a cleaning product that is free of this caustic soda and other corrosive elements.

  • It’s better not to rely on self-cleaning ovens:

A majority of the self-cleaning ovens, use a lot of its self-cleaning mode as a means of cleaning the oven thoroughly. The problem with the over reliance on this feature is that the owners end up in buying a new oven within a short time period. The self-cleaning oven causes its components to burn out when the appliance is being used at extremely high temperatures. So it is better to service the oven by taking help from an expert appliance repair agent. 

Final words:

We hope our tips on oven maintanance will help in elongating the life and quality of the oven and will refrain from giving sudden heart throbs for the owners. 

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