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Most Hygienic Hand Sanitizer

You might not like the essence of alcohol. Knowing its bad effects none of us wishes that anyone in our family should get addicted to alcohol. Well, nowadays not only drinks but many other usable in the market that we utilise in our day to day life contain alcohol.

Being a homemaker, I have started checking the ingredient list of any and every product I buy. It is because of various times I have noticed alcohol cookies, alcohol chocolates, alcohol snacks, and more. However, I was bound to bring one thing that had alcohol in it, as I had no other choice in spite of surfing different brands and products in the market, and that is hand sanitizer. 

Yes, you heard it right every hand sanitizer has a certain percentage of alcohol in it. You can just go and check your hand sanitizer bottle right at the moment. You would find a little percentage of alcohol in it without fail. It is because I have tried almost all the brands. 

Well, since I got to know about katol, I do not add anything else to my shopping list other than katol. It is one of the most hygienic hand sanitizers that is made with the best of the ingredients excluding everything that might affect your child. Yes, the primary trend of using hand sanitizer started to assure the safety of your child. Even today the hygiene of my child is primary to me over anything else. 

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Little had I hope that I would be able to find a sanitizer without alcohol until my friend introduced me to Katil. It was yet another random day when we had a get together at our home when I had provided my child with the hand sanitizer before dinner. Well, I was shocked when one of my friends said why are you making her drink alcohol from childhood? Though I knew it and I responded disappointingly; suggest me if you can find the Non-Alcoholic Sanitizer. She did not only suggested but provided me with katol. I was both happy and shocked why I could not find it earlier. 

Well, now as I use it; I would like to share the benefits of using a non-alcoholic hand sanitizer. 

  • Alcohol affects your young children very easily. It is poisonous for them. Therefore, if you are not using a non-alcoholic hand sanitizer had better not use it at all. Alcohol-based sanitizers induce multiple threats in a child. Using katol your first benefit is that your child is safe.
  • Your whole building can be at risk. To be more precise wherever you carry sanitizer you are carrying a fire risk with you. It is because alcohol-based sanitizers are flammable. Connection or exposure to fire can put your life at risk. We are not sensible to check where we are using the sanitizer. We are carefree because we are unaware of the facts. So, using a non-alcoholic sanitizer you only have safety and hygiene and not risk.
  • Hand sanitizer is directly used on the skin. Can you just try rubbing alcohol on your skin often? No, I am not saying it because of the smell, but the side effects it causes to the skin. The first thing is skin irritation, and later it can take away all the oils and moisture from your hand. So, make sure you make the right choice for alcoholic or non-alcoholic hand sanitizers. The formula is tried and tested. My hands were really dry, and the same was with my kid. The skin of his hands was rough compared to other parts of the body. Changing the sanitizer could help me to a considerable extent.
  • Well, companies in the market argue that germ-killing possibilities with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer are higher than a non-alcoholic sanitizer. So, let me tell the difference; an alcohol-based product kills 99.999 % of the germs while katol is capable only for 99.99 %. If I get to face so many other complications on the cost of 0.001 % of germs, I would definitely choose germs. Your decision might differ from mine. 

Final Words:

The non-alcohol sanitizer is designed to do its work precisely. Killing off that minor additional percentile of germs can never make us give poison to our kids with our hands. Moreover, I have given a trial to both the products and then came down to a conclusion. Click here to purchase and use Non-Alcoholic sanitizer once. You can switch back to alcohol aeration if you seriously like that over your trial. 

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