How to clone an Android phone with TheOneSpy?

How to clone an Android phone with TheOneSpy?

Clone an android cellphone means you are going to make a copy of your data stored in your old android phone and then shifting it to another device is known as clone a smartphone. However, the activity of cloning a device varies from person to person with the accordance of the needs, because you may be looking forward to spying on the activities of someone’s cellphone device. So, when it comes to cloning a mobile it does not mean that shifting of data, it also means that you are trying to get the data or activities of someone else digital smartphone device.

 It means you can track the data of your employee’s device owned by the company for the sake of business security and as well as to perform digital parenting on children’s phones to protect them from cyber predators. However, to perform a clone of an android device you must have a tool to do that job convincingly.

 Moreover, you can get the tool and use it for having data backup for your mobile device rather than having precious data without a backup would be risky enough. Let’s discuss how you would be able to get your hands on the best android cloning app and how to use it convincingly.

How to get a tool to clone an android device?

There are plenty of tools are available on the web particularly known as mobile surveillance apps for Android. You can get your hands on the best tools that enable you to clone a device. However, you should choose the one packed with plenty of features that allow you to copy the data to the fullest without leaving a bit of data stored on the target device or activities happen on it. Simply use your personal mobile device browser and then visit the mobile tracking software. Furthermore, you need to follow a few steps to get the job done.

Clone an Android with cell phone spy software?

Step1: Get android spy app subscription online

Once you have got access to the web page of the TheOneSpy cell phone spy app then you get subscription online and get credentials via email. 

Step2: Get Physical access on the target device

Take the target phone into possession and further start the process of installation and when you have done with it activate it on the target device. 

Step3: Use Credentials & get access to the web portal 

Use login credentials and get access to the web portal where you can use plenty of tools to clone an android in terms of tracking someone’s activities, shifting of data and to have a backup of a mobile. 

Features of android surveillance app to clone a phone

Call recording

The end-user can remotely get access to the target mobile device and empowers you to record live cellphone calls inbound and outbound ones. Further, you can save the data of the recording on the web portal.

Screen recording

You can do live screen recording on the target device screen and record short videos and sent them to a web portal where you can see the live recorded short videos.

Text messages spy

You can read text messages remotely of the target device sent received with text messages spy app.

Social media monitoring

User can spy on logs of social media apps installed on target android device. You can get logs of social messaging apps and instant messengers such as messages, chat conversations, audio-video conversations, and Voice messages.

GPS location tracker

You can track the GPS location of the target mobile device remotely using a GPS location tracking app. It further empowers you to monitor daily and weekly locations.

Email monitoring

You can get access to the target device and you can read sent/received email of Gmail on target cellphone device with email monitoring app.

Data backup

Once you have installed an android tracking app on the target device then within in little time all the data stored on the target device will start syncing to your device having web portal access.

Remote android controller

You can clone a digital device in such a way that you can stop activities happen on a target device such as incoming calls, text messages and last but not the least block internet access.


Cell phone spying software is the best tool for you to clone an android device for the sake of data shifting, employee monitoring, digital parenting and having a data backup. However, you cannot clone a device for espionage.

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