How Blogger Outreach Can Benefit both Bloggers and Brands?

Blogger Outreach

Considering the promotion of a product or service as part of a particular business, many ways have been followed for years. As the young generation nowadays is more attracted to the e-portals and social media, the style of promotion of a business has also changed from time to time. The blogger outreach is such a service through which the promotion of a particular brand or service is done with the help of an experienced blogger in that particular niche and thereby targets the right audience with an authentic touch. But the greatest advantage of the blogger outreach is that both the brand and the blogger are the beneficiaries in this service and the relationship has got a symbiotic nature.

A peek into blogger outreach

An experienced blogger will have a group of followers, who would always like to catch up with his/her writings. Those bloggers are the experts in that particular niche and the influential circle will be larger compared to a beginner in the blogging field. More than that he may be linked to many other bloggers of different areas and a broader outreach of the blogs are hence assured. When a brand collaborates with such a blogger, the returns will be more than expected. In this course of action, most of the brands introduce their latest products to the blogger through blogger events and campaigns. This gives a firsthand experience of the products to the blogger. This may help them to produce a genuine, interesting and fresh content on their blog.

How to do blogger outreach

First, identify the writers with whom you would like to associate with. Constantly follow them in their write-ups, social media, and catch their attention by commenting and liking their posts, tweeting to their content, etc. try to share their works on the social platforms and try to make backlinks to their sites. Try to keep a cordial relationship with the blogger and approach them with your product. Many guest blogging services also are there, where one can meet many bloggers and brands. Get in touch with a suitable blogger, working in the required field and get your brand promoted.

Blogger outreach for brands

Don’t consider the bloggers as just writers. They capture the minds of millions through their trustworthy, genuine stories, sometimes with a personal touch. The trust of their followers can be taken into advantage while considering their help in the form of guest blogging services. The encouragement obtainable for your brand may come through different channels, as the bloggers got different promotion styles and target market. As of now, these online Influencers are the best ever marketing guys in the field. But before approaching a blogger a part of blogger outreach, please keep in mind the following things.

  • Consider them as the first customers, whose hearts should be one first.
  • Don’t believe it as a favor, it is a symbiotic relationship after all. 
  • Make a thorough understanding of their area, previous works, and how successful they are as a blogger, etc.
  • Formulate the ways through which you can help them in equal terms.

The normally offered services as part of guest posting can be any of the following forms.

  • Product reviews
  • In-person events
  • Online promotions
  • Sponsored posts
  • Sampling campaigns
  • Blogger events

Blogger outreach for bloggers

The bloggers are accepting the offers to work with a particular brand; not only for monetary benefits. Instead, they have realized the benefits of working with great brands. Their credibility will get established in the field. The exposure of the brand and blogger will be at higher levels. The social shares of the brand will definitely raise the blogger’s social signals too. The quality backlinks from different sites will definitely boost up the sites SERPs. Thus the blogs of the author will get high ratings as per SEO ranking criteria. The bloggers can gain a name for them and uplift their brand consistently. Through the outreach services, you can produce more contextual links within the blog and attract more and more potential readers to your other posts too.

Winding up,

In the promotion of a product, a wide reach of publicity is essential. Just an awareness campaign or ad won’t work in many cases. The promotion from a trusted authority is always accepted beyond doubt. Creating blogs for innovative and exciting brands always accentuates the SEO ratings of the website. In the guest blogging service, both the brand and bloggers will get benefitted equally. So it is considered as one of the powerful SEO strategies in the development of a website. In effect, if you wish for traffic to your blog posts, or merely feel like building up your network and relations with the experts and influential people, blogger outreach will definitely help you.

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