Gym provides you a safe environment for exercising

Gym provides you a safe environment for exercising

A gym is a place where you feel better about yourself. It is indeed a good hobby. It is not a magical place that would change you in one day. You have to work with full dedication and devotion to achieve the best results. It helps you to remain healthy and fit. It boosts your confidence. It grooms your personality. It provides you with energy that is necessary for the entire day. It adds a fun element to your daily routine. You meet people and make new friends. You will be thankful to yourself and the gym instructor for changing your life. It helps to keep you in shape. It helps to fight illness. You feel less stressed as exercising regularly helps in reducing the release of a hormone ACTH that stimulates the release of stress hormones.

The gyms have modern equipment that tones your muscles and keeps you in shape.  Gym Kolkata has top-notch machines. They have separate floors for different exercises. The machines are safe and secure.

Treadmill- this is the most important machine found in all the gyms. It helps to burn 100 calories per mile. The person could walk briskly on this machine. The person could increase the speed of a machine by the bottoms provided in the dashboard. The person alternates his speed by running and walking on a machine. Sometimes it poses balancing challenges to the beginners. The plane could be inclined to achieve maximum results. Overweight and people with joint pains should be very careful.

The elliptical machine and stair steppers- people use this machine in standing positions. This machine uses a lot of muscle power. The rate of calorie burn is high on this machine.

Stationary bikes- the bikes are provided with adjustable seat and the ball of the foot should be on the pedal with a slight bend in knees. This machine burns fewer calories as we have to pedal for miles to burn 100 calories. It could be a problem for people who suffer from backache.

Rowing machines- these machines are meant for upper body workout. These machines are an advanced form of a cardiovascular machine. A person uses this machine by pushing with legs and pulling with arms. It acquires a great amount of coordination. It is a machine could be dangerous for people who have extra weight and suffer from back pain. Top gyms in Kolkata provide you full guidance about your fitness regime. They have well-trained instructors who guide you to choose the right machine for yourself. A person should choose a machine that feels right. The impact is a great problem so a person should be careful while choosing a machine. A cycle is better for the people who suffer from back problems. They should not use rowing machines. A beginner should use a machine that requires less muscle power. This reduces fatigue.

To achieve maximum results a person should vary the routine in the gym. A person should focus on the speed and intensity of the workout. You should not force yourself on single equipment as it is complete wastage of time and energy. To avoid boredom you should try all the exercises. Workout means challenging your body every day.

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