Effective And Creative Rewards To Motivate Your Employees This Year

Motivate Your Employees

It is 2019, a time when money matters, but so does everything else that a job can offer. With medical insurance and once-a-year vacation becoming quite the norm among most companies across the globe, it’s time you spice up your reward strategies. 

It’s time to be creative and effective with your reward system, and to help you accomplish just that, we have compiled a list of some simple yet creative and certainly effective rewards. Read on to learn how could you make things more encouraging for your employees:

  1.  Travel perks but better!

Why send your employees to the same old destinations they have already been to! For your best performing team members, you could raise the stakes, and offer them a fully-paid trip to wherever they choose. When your employees realize they could work hard and get a ticket to their dream, they would be more encouraged. 

  • Exciting Vouchers: 

Do you have an “employee of the month” competition? If not, declare one! Nothing encourages people more than the competition. You could have various categories for this – Best dressed employee of the month, Most punctual employee of the month and so on. They could all be rewarded in the form of online shopping vouchers and gift codes such as  GRS Gift Codes

  • First Day, First Shows:

Needless to say, these could be weely rewards and they work well for Sales Teams. If you want to keep your sales representatives pushing for more numbers and business, give them weekly perks. The highest business Recker gets two tickets to the matinee of whichever movie they would like to see. Now obviously, it would just be unlucky of them if they won in a week with no good films coming out. So, you could always give them the flexibility of choosing their own flicks and avail the reward when they like. 

  • Lunch/Dinner date with the top boss:

What better way to make an employee feel noticed than to be invited for a special lunch or dinner with the CEO themselves? Not only would the employee feel more acknowledged, the management too would get to understand their top talents better. 

  • More day-offs:

For those who finish work before time, often find themselves shouldered with more work. However, this could easily exhaust them into becoming lazy. To acknowledge a well-performing employee, you should give them a day-off for every time they finish their projects well before the deadline. At the very least, an organisation should have a work from home perk for its top employees, to help them relax a bit. 

  • Throw them a party: 

Even the most lifeless offices throw their employees a birthday party, so as a creative employer, you should endeavor into becoming a “cooler” boss! For every time your sales team closes a difficult deal or an employee exceeds their targets significantly, a small office party should be in order.  While it could also be ordering a few pizzas for the team, it’s best if you let the top performer decide how they want the party to be. The menu, music, and theme can be a matter of their choice. You could also assign a party planning committee among your employees to look into the budget for each celebratory party. Now, that’s a fun office people wold gladly work in!

These are just a few ideas to not only make your employees feel acknowledged but to also make them feel home at work. You could always explore your own creative side to develop unique rewarding solutions for your team. After all, you know what works best with your people. 

 We hope this article helps you motivate your employees with your creativity.

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