An OgyMogy Guide To Keeping Up With Digital Generation

OgyMogy Guide

The landline era was one hell of a time to spend the golden childhood period. It had its kind of pros and cons, but life was much simpler and less complicated. You could contact your friends and family with ease and that’s all. That is the basic purpose of the telephone right?. But with all the advancement in the telecommunication sector, cell phones and smartphones were introduced and things started getting a little messier and complicated. Now they are like a ticking machine in our hands and our kid’s hands as well. Kids are more into gadgets and machines these days and everyone wants to have one of their own. Sometimes they know about detailed features more than you and you are dumbfounded by the mere fact that how is this possible for a teen kid to process this much-complicated information and knowledge. These all are signs of excessive gadget incorporation in our lives and the digital generation is smarter than us.

Now the question is how you can keep up with them. These tech-savvy kids give one hell of competition to the older generation. So now is the best time to introduce ways and methods for the old generation to understand these tricks and tips and keep up the role of pro parents for the coming generations. We have one simple and easy trick for you all. Get a kids monitoring app like The OgyMogy and make your life easier.

Get Into Their Friend List:

Mr. Josh always complains about how his son never accepts his follow request. He wants to know why he can’t follow his son on his ‘private account’.Well, don’t worry Mr josh we have a solution for you. Now with the OgyMogy Instagram spy app, you will have remote access to your kid’s account. You will have access to his timeline, his chatbox, comment section, and everything. Don’t get depressed about the private account policy and know everything about your kid’s online life. If you are worried about any online stalker or bully you can take care of that with the help of this feature.OgyMogy offers many other spy apps as well like Viber spy app, Twitter spy app, FaceBook spy app, Spy on Snapchat, etc.

Know About What kind oF Game Are They Into Recently:

Teens love online games and they are good at it. So next time instead of asking the game rules etc you can keep an eye on their activities without being an intrusive and old school parent. You can simply keep an eye on the list of all kinds of apps they installed on their cell phone. This feature of OgyMogy lets the user know about all the apps installed on the target phone. So use this feature and keep them away from any malicious or useless app and content.

Keep them off the gadgets at night:

Kids get involved in online gaming or social media or internet browsing that they forget that they have passed the sleep time. A proper sleep schedule is necessary for their physical and mental growth. So OgyMogy has this screen recording feature which allows the user to watch the screen of the target person at any given time. Hence you can visit their screen live or can watch the screenshots or short videos captured by OgyMogy with time frame information. So if you notice that your kid is awake till late night you can take timely action.

Filter The Internet Content:

OgyMogy allows you to filter internet content. So make sure the site your kid visit must not have any kind of adult content or malicious material that is not appropriate for teenagers and kids. Track internet browsing feature allows you to know all about the visited sites and also give you access to their bookmarked folder as well.

OgyMogy offers a bundle of packages that contain various features. You can select the desired package and get it to install in the target devices. The device can be a cell phone or a laptop/tablet. You can try the android spy app or the Windows or Mac spy app version of OgyMogy for that purpose respectively. Just get it to install by following simple and easy steps and keep up with the tech-savvy generation and monitor their activities.

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