6 Best Jewelry That Are Perfect For The Workplace

tungsten rings for women.

It is said that ‘only diamonds are every woman’s best friend’. As a matter of fact, every type of jewelry is their best friend. And whenever they get an opportunity to show their collection, they jump right at it!

But with a shortage of ‘free time’ in the professional world, it becomes difficult for women to choose the perfect jewelry for work. So, how do you decide which jewelry is the best for a girls’ night out and perfect for the workplace?

For all the ladies facing this dilemma, you have come to the right place. Here we have compiled a list of the best jewelry that is appropriate for work.

Necklaces with a pendant

Go for necklaces with a crystal or diamond pendant for your business outfit. This will add a subtle flair to the attire without grabbing too much attention.

A necklace with smaller pendants aren’t too gaudy and balance your entire work attire. Since you are buying this for a professional workplace, do not opt for something that is too in your face.

Select a solitaire, cube, or marquise-shaped pendant and pair it with a chain of your choice. This is an excellent way to make a style statement!

Earrings with a crystal or diamond stud

Are you buying jewelry just to wear at work? Are you worried about spending too much money on it? Let’s set your mind at rest!

When it comes to the workplace, opt for crystal or diamond-studded earrings. They are a classic piece and will never go out of style.

Diamond or crystal stud earrings are a fantastic option to add to your business jewelry collection. They are simple but exquisite and pair well with every business attire. If you are headed to a party after work, you can accessorize these with a black dress too.

Choose a circle or square-shaped studs to match with any type of outfit.

Rings with minimal or no design

Rings with nominal or no decoration look graceful yet classy when paired with business outfits. You can go for a mix and match of rings in one finger or different fingers. Since these rings are thin and have a minimal design, it does not look too gaudy.

If you are not sure about wearing these, consider selecting tungsten rings for women. Though simple, these rings work well with business outfits. And you can even get them customized.

Necklaces with a long chain

To add versatility to your outfit, accessorize them with long necklaces. You can wear them alone or pair them with other chains. Lengthy necklaces can also be wrapped to give an illusion of two chains.

Wearing slim and lengthy chains make you look stylish. And since they are available in several styles, they are a perfect match for business attires!

Bracelets and necklaces with pearls

Pearls are amazing when worn as earrings. But they look fabulous even on your wrist and neck. With these, you can give your business outfit a sophisticated look and even add a feminine touch to it.

Do not worry if you are not a fan of white pearls. There are several pearl bracelets and necklaces available in other colors. For example, you can buy grey-colored pearls if you feel white is too bold.

Hoop earrings

Go for hoop earrings of any style, color, and size when you want to add that final touch. But in a professional world, the perfect option is hoop earrings with crystal embedded on it.

Since these give a classy look to the attire, they’re the best for office and after-work parties too. Make sure to wear your hair up in a bun for the hoops to stand out!

Additional Tips

Go for simple jewelry

When it comes to the workplace, the rule is to go for simple jewelry. Look for casual pendant necklaces, simple bracelets, and earrings with stud. Anything flashy, chunky, or dangles is a big NO!

You want your jewelry to add a style statement to the outfit. Make sure you are not buying anything that distracts others.

Remember, ‘Less is More’

All you ladies reading the article, make this your mantra and follow it strictly. Remember, you are not going to work to showcase your office jewelry collection.

When wearing your favorite ornament to work, be smart about it. Either go for a pair of studded earrings or lengthy chain necklaces. The next day, maybe wear a pearl bracelet or skip it for a simple yet stylish watch.


There you have it! The types of jewelry mentioned above are perfect to be worn in a professional environment.

Just follow our tips to the T and wash away all your office jewelry woes. And yes, your Monday blues too!

But remember – No matter whether it is for work or a casual occasion, wear your outfit and accessories with confidence. Because only your belief and self-confidence can help you slay your look.

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